About Bavasons Construction

" Our foundation is built on sound principles - Credibility and Value for money"

Established in 1988, Bavasons Group was one of the earliest to begin construction of flats in Cochin. Our combination of pragmatism and economic viability has proved popular with the budget conscious. A visit to any of our sites proves our emphasis on this. Bavasons is today synonymous with sound construction at affordable prices, correct construction, effective space utilization and practical designs.

From our first project, called V.B. Terrace at S.R.M.Road to our recent one, V.B. Heritage at Vazhakkala, the group has come a long way. One of our attractive features is that they are all located in convenient and well connected areas.

Our projects are designed keeping in mind the basic necessities of its inmates. Most flats are in tune with the trend of modern day small families and thus within 1000 sq. feet, and villas were 1325 sq. feet each ensuring adequate value for money.

Among other things, our flats are provided with spacious cupboards, beautiful views and conveniently placed doors. Not only are these apartments comfortable to live in but also made out of top-class material. Our hallmark is the workmanship, which is evident from the elegant exteriors, aesthetically done interiors and convenience.

Targetted at the middle-income group, Bavasons Group has kept its prices affordable without compromising on functionality and comfort. In the coming years we will continue providing the best in living enjoying the faith we have earned over the years.