Bavasons - Management

M/s Bavasons Construction Private Limited is a private limited company incorporated under the Company Act, 1956 certificate no. 09-05006 of 1988. The present directors of the company are two brothers namely Mr V.M Liaquat Ali and Mr V.M Fazal Ali, who are also the promoters of the compnay. The Directors belong to one of the most respectable business families of Cochin. Their father Late Mr V.B.M Bava was a well known businessman having diverse business interest and was an active leader of the Chamber of Commerce, Cochin.

V.M Liaquat Ali


Mr V.M Liaquat Ali, one of the directors of the company is Commerce Graduate with about 35 years experience in managing business.

His managerial expertise has been evident from the timely and successful completion of their earlier projects.



V.M Fazal AliMr V.M Fazal Ali, the other director of the company is aqualified graduate Engineer, from REC(NIT) Calicut, with about 30 years of experience in running business and managing construction projects in the state of kerala as well as in the neighboring states.

He is well known for his technical expertise and dynamism and this has earned him a good standing among the builder community