Project Details

V.B. Mist

VB Mist, final statement of excellence in real estate design and construction. Located at Kakkanad, in the idyllic outskirts of Cochin

Civil RCC Framed Structure with 15cm hollow block for external walls & 10cm hollow blocks work for interior walls
Wall Cement plastered putty finished and finished with emulsion.
Floor Ceramic Tiles.
Ceiling Combination plastered and finished with 2 coats of lime wash.
Windows Poweder coated aluminium
Entrance door & Balcony door Panelled doors of hard wood
Toilets PVC doors and wooden frame
All other inside doors

Flush doors with wooden frame

  1. Hearth Slab will be of granite finish.
  2. Stainless steel Kitchen sink.
  3. Glazed tiles finish up to 1' 6" above kitchen slab.
  4. C.P. Tap for Kitchen and work area.
  5. An additional slab shall be provided above the kitchen slab.
  1. Side wall of bath-room shall be provided with glazed tiles upto a height of 5'.
  2. Bathrooms shall be provided with Cera or equivalent quality white European Closet and 18"x 12" wash basins.
  3. PVC Flush Tank shall be provided.
  4. C.P.Shower and shower arm shall be provided.
  5. C.P Basin taps shall be provided for wash basins .
Electrical Work
(Entire work shall be concealed)and following points shall be provided.
  Light points Fan Points 5 amps 15 amps
Liv/Din 4 2 1 1
Bedroom 2 1 1 -
Kitchen 2 1 1 1
Balcony 1 - - -
Work area 1 - - -
Bathroom 1 - 1 -
1 All attempts would be made to complete the project ahead of schedule, in case of earlier completion, the allotees are entitled to take possession of their apartments on payment of entire balance amount.
2 Buit up areas include share in common and service areas.
3 Contract Value of the apartment is firm and final.
4 All statutory obligations arising out of purchase of the apartment or on taking possession shall be borne by the allottee.Stamp duties, statutory fees for registration of documents, individual Electricity Meter deposits, x and any other state/central taxes that exist or that may be introduced during the course of construction of appartments,
5 Outstation payments may please be made by Demand Draft,payable at Ernakulam and drawn on Bavasons Constructions Private Limited, Ernakulam.
6 The management reserves the right of allotment/rejection without assigning any reason whatsoever.
7 For any additional work or change in specifications, the cost will have to be paid in advance.
8 The builder retains the right to modify or change the elevation of the building.
9. All deposits and charges for electricty and water have to be borne by the buyer